More than a Taste! Let us meet the new world of French desserts introduced by Maison M.O.

The Pursuit of Perfection
  • Maison M.O puts all its efforts in every process, from the product development to its manufacturing, to the moment we are in contact with our customers. Based on an accurate understanding of the ingredients and their characteristics, as well as a long-acquired knowledge and manufacturing technology, our desserts are produced with a creative inspiration for taste. We always study, explore and strive for perfection in order to fully convey the philosophy and meticulous processes contained in our products.
Best Material and Correct Usage
  • In order to create French desserts, the ingredients used by Maison M.O adhere to the highest quality. Besides the use of French fermented butter and flour with AOP certification, and high-grade chocolates from France and Ethiopia; we spare no effort and investment to find the best products in Korea, from the biggest to the smallest ingredient. Also, we always carefully select whole heartily fresh seasonal fruits, milk, eggs, and other high -quality domestic ingredients.
The Beauty of Balance and Harmony
  • The goal of Maison M.O’s desserts is to convey the principle of beauty through balance and harmony. We take into consideration the form and the structure, as well as the unique taste and texture of the ingredients in order to find an ideal balance. We dearly hope the principles of Maison M.O will be conveyed through our desserts and we also hope that every moment with us can be filled with astonishing beauty.
A Pleasant Experience through Desserts
  • Like the brand slogan of Maison M.O, ‘More than A Taste’, Maison M.O’s desserts strive to provide more than just the perfect taste. Not just through our coffee, tea, wine and various foods along with Mariage tea, we hope that even if a new and unfamiliar experience, that by enjoying them you will be introduced to a new world of tastes.